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Celebrating our 33rd year in business.
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Your Event Planning Results

To Summarize Your Plans:

You are serving Liquor, Wine and Beer.

You are expecting 1 drinking guests to attend.

You plan to serve drinks for 1 hours.

Here are the estimates for how much to buy:

Total Liquor to Buy: 0.0 Liters.

Total Wine to Buy: 0.0 Cases.

Total Beer to Buy: 0.0 Cases.

Not satisfied with the results? Go back and revise your inputs.

Some tips for using these numbers
  • When it comes to liquor, Vodka is the most popular spirit. You probably want to buy twice as much vodka as any other spirit unless you have a specific crowd or are having a "theme bar" (for example Margaritas only or Daquiris only).
  • If the event is not a wine tasting, then keep it simple with wine offerings. In most cases, one red and one white wine will work best. More choices will make it more likely you will run out of something.
  • Some wedding reception venues do not allow red wine. Check beforehand to be sure.
  • Red and white wine usually split evenly (half and half) for mid-day events. However, red wine is a more popular choice than white wine when the food offerings are more substantial, such as heavy hors d'oeuvres or a sit down dinner, or when the event is held later in the day or evening. For these situations you may need as much as 2:1 red-to-white.
  • Magnum sized wine bottles (1.5 Liter) are easier to serve because there are less bottles to open.
  • If your budget is less than $1 per serving, consider the higher quality 3-Liter box wines. These are often better quality than equally priced wines in bottles and serving is easy.
  • Also keep it simple when it comes to beer. Unless the event is a beer tasting, think about no more than 3 choices: a popular domestic, a popular import, and a popular light/ultralight.
  • If you are planning a Champagne toast, and this is purely ceremonial, then you don't need to spend a lot on your bubbly (unless you can afford to and want to). If your budget is tight, spend less for the toast and use the savings to buy a special bottle for the guest of honor.