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Celebrating 31 years.
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Liquor Features

Frugal's liquor buyers work to get you the best price around. How do we do it? We buy in huge volumes and work on the slimmest of margins. Because we price so low, we cannot offer any further discounts on any liquors or liqueurs, regardless of quantity.

Jefferson's Barrel Selection C153.

Jefferson's Barrel Selection C153 at Frugal's.
  • Jefferson's is a great value in very small batch Kentucky bourbon, curated and sourced through industry star Trey Zoeller. But in this case, you have the rare opportunity to tap into a single barrel provided exclusively through Frugal MacDoogal Nashville, at the same amazing price.
  • Jefferson's Very Small Batch Bourbon Barrel C-153. 27.99/750 ml.

Frugal's Hand Selected Barrel of Crown Royal is here.

Crown Royal Hand Selected Barrel at Frugal's.
  • Frugal's hand selected barrel of Crown Royal is here. From the Coffey Rye Still in Manitoba. 103 proof. "Flavorful creamy and fruity notes of banana, combined with rich oak undertones." Crown Royal Hand Selected Barrel. 47.99/750 ml.

Pickers Vodka from West Nashville's SPEAKeasy Spirits.

Pickers Vodka 22.99 at Frugal's.
  • The West Nashville-based distillery that makes Whisper Creek and Pennington's Strawberry Rye is just out with Pickers Vodka. And this new vodka is coming from the Company's brand new state-of-the-art distillation column, 22 feet tall with revolutionary features that make it perform even better. This may be the cleanest as well as the most local vodka, two great reasons to try it. Also, the mash bill is non-GMO corn and the product is gluten free.
  • Pickers flavored vodkas are made with real fruit juice and extracts, including real, California-grown blood orange juice. "The first thing you'll notice when you taste Pickers Blueberry and Blood Orange is that it is made using real fruit, which produces a light pulp and vibrant color in the vodka. The nose is bursting with fruit flavors," said co-founder, Jenny Pennington.
  • Pickers Vodka, Original, Blood Orange, Blueberry. 22.99/1.75 Liter.

The Kentucky Derby WAS May 2nd.

Old Forester Mint Julep 60-proof Ready-to-Serve Cocktail 18.99 at Frugal's.
  • Old Forester Mint Julep 60-proof Ready-to-Serve Cocktail. While Old Forester was introduced in 1870 and the Kentucky Derby in 1875, the 141st Kentucky Derby marks the first time the two long-standing Louisville traditions have come together officially. While it lasts. 18.99/Liter. (approximately 13 servings, 2.5-ounce each.)
Woodford Reserve Kentucky Derby at Frugal's.
  • Woodford Reserve Kentucky Derby 2015 commemorative bottle features the artwork from elite equine artist Carole Andreen-Harris. Woodford Reserve has been the "Official Bourbon of the Kentucky Derby" for the past 17 years. 44.99/Liter.
Calumet Farm Bourbon Gift Box with Calumet Collector's Glass at Frugal's.
  • Calumet Farm Bourbon Gift Box with Calumet Collector's Glass. In 1924, William Monroe Wright, owner of Calumet Baking Powder, established his namesake farm in Lexington. The farm would go on to to win 8 Kentucky Derbies and 2 Triple Crowns. It's with these high standards that Calumet Farm Bourbon Whiskey embodies the tradition and excellence of Kentucky Bourbon and thoroughbred racing. Bottled from hand selected barrels, Calumet has a customary mash bill of corn, rye and malted barley that offers a sweet, flawless finish. Glowing with butterscotch and soft oak, Calumet's harmonious perfection of wood and caramel is admirably balanced with complex flavors of light brown sugar and soft white pepper. 96 points, The Tasting Panel. Boxed set includes bourbon and collector's glass. Sale price. 39.99/750 ml.

Al Capone's Favorite Whiskey.

Templeton Rye at Frugal's.
  • Templeton Rye began its history with prohibition, as outlaws in Iowa became famous for making "the good stuff". Over the course of its storied history, Templeton Rye became Al Capone’s whiskey of choice, quickly finding its way to the center of his bootlegging empire. This rye first became available legally in 2006. Although bottled in Iowa, the whiskey was made and barreled in Lawrenceburg Indiana by MGP using the original whiskey and recipe as their guide. The result, a huge unmistakeable rye. 35.99/750 ml.

Amp Up the Flavor of Maker's Mark.

Maker's Mark Cask Strength at Frugal's.
  • New. Maker's Mark Cask Strength is bottled straight from the barrel at 108 to 114 proof. Cask Strength retains the signature front-of-the-palate flavors of Maker's Mark, while amping up the oak, caramel, vanilla and spice to create a remarkable new bourbon. 56.99/750 ml.

A Darn Good Barrel.

Henry McKenna 10-year Bond Bourbon Barrel 1295 at Frugal's.
  • Henry McKenna 10-year old Bond Bourbon Single Barrel #1295. Wine Enthusiast 90-95 points. Delicious old school 100-proof Kentucky Bourbon from Heaven Hill. Come and get it. 32.99/750 ml.

Great Prices on 1.75 Liters.

Bombay Sapphire 36.99 at Frugal's.
  • Bombay Sapphire. 36.99/1.75 Liter.
Canadian Club 18.99 at Frugal's.
  • Canadian Club. 18.99/1.75 Liter.
Makers Mark on display at Frugal's.
  • Maker's Mark Bourbon. $44.99/1.75 Liter.
Famous Grouse on display at Frugal's.
  • Famous Grouse Scotch. $26.99/1.75 Liter.